3D Rose Wall Art

3D Rose Wall Art

paverpol 3d wall art rosalie levi

Hi everyone,

Here is a picture of my finished project. I hope you like it and enjoy crating a version of your own using my detailed instructions below.

My mission was to incorporate 3 or more items from the design box provided by Paverpol USA to its elite design team.  In this project I used from the box, Paverpol Transparent, ColourArte Pigment, Paverol Stockinette, and Paperclay.

Here is what you will need:

Paverpol Black


Paversand Black
Paverpol Transparent

Paverpol Cotton Mesh

ColourArte pigments (your choice-I used pinks for the rose and stockinette, and blues and greens for the rest)

Creative Paperclay

Styrofoam panel (I used8.5” x 11”, from the packing boxes for the Paverpol)

Decorative elements (I used a silver chain-costume jewelry)

Rolling pin (PVC pipe cut to 12-16” long)

Needle nose plyer

Wooden Skewers

Basting brush

Water mister

The Rose:

paverpol 3d wall art rosalie leviI used the paperclay to create the rose. Roll out a small amount of clay onto a smooth surface, gently, so it won’t stick (I used a pvc pipe that I cut to 16” long just for rolling out clay etc.). Approx. 1/16″ thick. Using a cardboard cylinder (mine was from a roll of paper towels), make 6-7 partial circles (these are the petals). Taper the edges by lightly pressing on them and shaping them. Arrange segments as seen in photo, and roll the petals, from smallest to largest until your flower is revealed. Curl the petals with your fingers to make it more realistic. With more paperclay, cut out 2 leaves for the rose and taper the edges, add details, and then attach to the back of the Rose. Let dry 12-24hrs.





The panel:

paverpol 3d wall art rosalie levi








paverpol 3d wall art rosalie levi Paint a coat of Paverpol Black on the surface ad sides of the styrofoam panel. Let dry. Mix Paverpol, Paverplast (5:1) and then add Paversand Black, a tablespoon at a time, to the mix to the desired consistency.  Brush this mixture on the panel. You can get creative if mixture is thick enough, create movement in the texture. Let dry.






paverpol 3d wall art rosalie levi Add  80-100ml of crushed tempered glass to a small plastic container. Mix in transparent Paverpol, enough to lightly coat the glass. Then, piece by piece, (I used needlenose plyers) add to the panel in an attractive pattern. Keep pieces close together. 

Let dry approx. 60 minutes.






paverpol 3d wall art rosalie levi Add colour pigment to surface of panel and mosaic as desired, and lightly mist to dissolve powder. Tilt panel or move pigment with a brush to desired effect. Let dry approx. 60 minutes.  Coloured mesh: Add a very small amount of pigment (I used the hot pink) to a drop of water and mix well. Add a small amount (approx.100ml) of transparent Paverpol to a plastic container, and mix in the pigment/water mixture. This will tint your Paverpol. Dip your mesh (cut any way you desire), until fully saturated, and squeeze excess out gently. Let air dry for a minute or two so it won’t mess up your panel. Gently place it on the panel in the desired pattern. Be careful not to transfer coloured Paverpol to canvas where you don’t want it. Press gently into canvas and let dry. (30 min). Paint the paperclay rose with the tinted Paverpol and let dry. Do two coats to really protect the flower. Secure rose to the panel, on the mesh, or by using a small piece of mesh dipped in tinted Paverpol as the glue. This will make it sturdy, and it will sit nicely on the panel. 



paverpol 3d wall art rosalie levi Now is the time to add more tempered glass with the transparent Paverpol. Be sure to add pigment and mist to match the rest of the creation.  You can also embellish your canvas with the bling. You can add a chain like I did, or other small natural items (nothing synthetic or plastic) by dipping it in the transparent. 



And there you have your creation, personalized by you.paverpol 3d wall art rosalie levi





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