A Letter from Peggy

Below is a letter from a neighbour, new client and now dear friend.  I had the good fortune to work closely with Peggy in her journey.  Please read her letter, sharing her experience.

Thank you

Rosalie Levi

Zephyr Interior Design

Here is her story…..

My story is not unique. Over the course of the past fifteen years, life happened. This included the illnesses of both my parents and my husband, raising a teenager and working full time. I managed to get the everyday stuff accomplished but overall the quality of the functionality and calm within my home was slowly and continuously erroding. It got to the point that I just avoided certain rooms.

My basement was now filled with discarded items, unfinished projects and countless rubbermaid containers filled with items from my parents home which I had not yet sorted. I would walk into that space with good intentions,  pick something up, look around and just feel completely overwhelmed. I had no idea of how to start reclaiming this space and ironically, no space to do it in. I had 4 huge rooms of stuff and no room. I would leave the basement feeling sad, depressed and ineffective.  Another very tangible area of my life over which I had no control.

My journey to regaining calm and control began in a way that seemed unrelated to both my inner turmoil and my space turmoil. My  front cement staircase was crumbling and needed redoing. I had contacted several contractors and was receiving very conflicting opinions and options about what needed to be done. I really didn’t know how to decide which opinion to trust. I knew that Rosalie Levi was an interior designer and worked with many different types of contractors, so, in desperation, I called her to ask if she knew a reliable and trustworthy contractor. I explained what I needed and without hesitation, she came over to take a look at my stairs.

Immediately, she was able to propose a solution that no one else had suggested and it was truly better than all the other options! There was just one major problem, at least from my prospective. The stairs were over a cold room in the basement and Rosalie asked to go into the basement to see how the stair construction might impact the proposed changes. Oh, no!  She would see how disorganized and ineffective I was when she saw the basement. But out of desperation,  I swallowed my pride, got out of my own way and led her downstairs mumbling excuses as we went.

Instead of making any judgemental comments about the state of the basement she commented on the great potential it had and how she envisioned making the area functional and beautiful. Of course, I knew it could be more functional, but knowing and doing are two vastly different things. I had tried for years but had found the idea of doing it draining, discouraging and very depressing. I just didn’t know how to start. I was truly overwhelmed and felt helpless. Rosalie proposed a way to begin sorting through the years of accumulated stuff.  She convinced me that it could be done in a reasonable amount of time, when in my heart of hearts I wasn’t so sure. She was very gentle with me but focused. She understood that this effort, at the beginning, was somewhat emotionally draining and fatiguing. We worked the first day, side by side, for about an hour and a half before I called a halt. I was done for the day. We worked together a few days a week , and slowly, both my emotional and physical stamina grew. Within a month the area was completely cleared! Rosalie had a vision for the basement and a plan. 

Before Rosalie, I only had wishes. I wished that stuff hadn’t accumulated, I wished that I knew where to start, I wished I knew what to do with the stuff, mostly, I wished that I just didn’t have to deal with it. It’s a very true adage that sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. Thankfully, Rosalie could see a light through those metaphorical trees and guided me into a much better place both emotionally and realistically. She literally shifted my space and my outlook.

From the chaos has emerged a bedroom, beautiful kitchen , stunning livingroom, an updated bathroom and a beautiful new entrance to the basement. It is spacious and light. My basement had been cluttered and so badly planned out, that I had always had the perception that the ceilings were too low to make it a useful or pleasant living space.  After the SpaceShifting I realized that the ceilings were in fact 8′ foot ceilings. This is a powerful example of how perception influences us. The clutter removed, the rooms repurposed and both the ceiling and my mood were elevated! It didn’t end with the basement though.  SpaceShifting had a positive ripple effect throughout my entire house. Shifting rooms also included repurposing furniture that I already had, for a more functional and beautiful purpose. Surprisingly, yet obvious to Rosalie, SpaceShifting transformed an unused bedroom into the crafting/art room that I had dreamt about for years.  We also brought down from my husband’s man cave an antique hutch that had been hiding there and used for books, as well as an antique armoire that had been used for linen storage on the stair landing upstairs. These two unseen treasures became the central, eye catching pieces of my ” new” dining room. (We flipped the family/TV room with the Dining room). This was just an example of how simple changes made a huge impact.  As an added bonus, my husband’s office also became a functional new space with which he was very pleased. 

Our home is now functional , comfortable and beautiful. We are using and enjoying all the space it has to offer. We no longer have entire rooms used for storage. SpaceShifting works! The results are positive, inspiring and uplifting.

Oh, by the way, our front stairs are beautiful thanks to Rosalie!


click here to see before and after photos

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