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Rosalie Levi, Sculptor/Artist and Interior Designer. Creator of SpaceShifting™

A Letter from Peggy

Below is a letter from a neighbour, new client and now dear friend.  I had the good fortune to work closely with Peggy in her journey.  Please read her letter, sharing her experience. Thank you Rosalie Levi Zephyr Interior Design Here is her story….. My story is not unique. Over the course of the past [...]

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Art at the Vineyard 2016

  Art at the Vineyard 2016 August 6, 2016 is the commencement of the wonderful interactive experience at our local vineyard Vignoble Cote de Vaudreuil.  This year is going to be a little bit different, with artist demonstrations, interactive events, and select weekends of exhibition and sale.  Please visit http://cotedevaudreuil.com/lartauvignoblee.html for more information. The event will [...]

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Permanent Sculpture Exhibit at Vignoble Cote de Vaudreuil

Art at the Vignoble Cote de Vaudreuil Currently, several of my sculpture can be seen at the Vignoble Cote de Vaudreuil, located at 2692 route Harwood, Vaudreuil, Quebec J7V 8P2. Serge Primi once again has opened his vineyard Quebec Sculpture Association t exhibit local artists sculptures in his gardens and vineyard.  Come out and enjoy [...]

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Paverpol Intro Workshop April 10, 2016 Photos

Paverpol Intro Sculpture April 10, 2016 Paverpol Intro Sculpture April 10, 2016 Hi everyone, What a fun day! Here are the pictures from the workshop April 10, Intro to Paverpol Sculpture for beginners. It was great seeing you all there, and you all did spectacular sculptures!  For those of you who did not make it to this one, [...]

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3D Rose Wall Art

3D Rose Wall Art Hi everyone, Here is a picture of my finished project. I hope you like it and enjoy crating a version of your own using my detailed instructions below. My mission was to incorporate 3 or more items from the design box provided by Paverpol USA to its elite design team.  In [...]

SteamPunk Fish – A Paverpol Original by Rosalie Levi

Paverpol Sculpture I’ve been a Sculptor/Visual Artist for over 33 years. I create flowing, dynamic sculptures and paintings that invoke the viewers emotions and imagination. As you will see in this fun project, I love car parts and other fun found objets, and incorporate them into my pieces. As seen in many of my sculptures [...]

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