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Project Description

Residential Basement conversion to apartment

This wonderful project came to me quite accidentally, but I am thrilled I had the opportunity to help this family realize their dream of converting their basement, which was used for storage, into an amazing and livable apartment.  This home is now qualified as a bi-generational dwelling due to our efforts. Increasing its market value and its usefulness.

Click here for My client’s story – A letter from Peggy

Below are the before pictures.  As you can see, there are 4 rooms plus the laundry/bathroom.  Each space was filled with bins, and other items that really needed to be sorted through, and sent on its way to a better home if necessary.  We were able to reuse and repurpose many of the furniture items, in the finished space, and we moved some other items to a nearby charity, where someone would be able to benefit from them.  It was a very cathartic experience for my client.

Before Photos


Will be new kitchen

Basement-Before- artroom
after -Will be divided into new storage/entry corridor

Before-art room
after- new storage/entry corridor

basement – before -storage

basement – before -storage

basement – before -storage





The Plan

We hired a contractor to make some important changes according to my design, to better use the space that was available to us.

We added an entrance from the outside to give and easy exit from the basement as well.  We divided the art room, upper right quadrant, into corridor and storage room.  We opened a doorway from the kitchen to the family room.


Finally, once the renovation was done, we were able to repurpose a lot of what you see in the photos.  We also found great deals on Varage for a bedroom set, and bathroom vanity, and we purchased new cabinets from Rona for the kitchen.

Below are the final pics, after the major SpaceShift™ that took place.


New Entrance/Corridor

SpaceShift™ with Rosalie Levi Basement converted-new entrance/corridor


For the kitchen and entry hall we installed vinyl faux wood flooring in an ash grey colour. The wall in the kitchen are a soft grey, and the cabinets were in stock from Home Depot.  she had left over tiles from a previous project so we were able to create a lovely pattern on the backsplash, just with a simple white square tile, and a lovely glass mosaic.  The ceiling is not too high, so I opted not to have upper cabinets. Instead we moved two pieces of the wall unit from the family room into here for additional storage.  The red chairs came from another client of mine that was purging, and that was our inspiration for the accent colour in this space!

I suggested to Peggy that a wall of frames, in red, might add some charm, and inspired again, Peggy delivered. Oh, and by the way, that tiffany lamp was made by Peggy years ago, and was hiding in the basement on a shelf! 











Rosalie Levi Interior Design Montreal Kitchen



We painted this room a lovely blue to match with a comforter she already had.  The furniture was purchased on garage for a ridiculously low price, and we moved some shelving she had into the closet to create an organizer in there.



Family Room

We painted this space a nice light colour, repurposed some of the tables and book shelf she had, installed light bulbs that were missing, and voila!

Peggy was so motivated by the hole process, she refinished that lovely dresser, and purchased on garage the sofa and chaise.



We made some small changes here, to freshen it up.  New/used vanity (I added the backsplash with leftover tiles found in basement), painted cabinets above washing machines, hung the adorable white vanity she already had, and of course we painted the walls.